Your only limits are the ones you set yourself

1-1 or small group training, we’ve got you covered. Make yourself the best rider you can be by quickly recognising your strongest and weakest traits, and correcting them with tailored coaching. Customise your learning curve and make the most of your riding time.

Individual focus

1-1 or small group training quickly identifies the rider’s problem areas and bad habits. The training focuses on track breakdown, pinpointing specific sections of the track to target individual aspects, difficulties and techniques.

Master the tracks

Carl Nunn MX Training Academy rides at several tracks, including: Mildenhall MX, F-15 MX tracks, Fat Cat, Doncaster Moto Park, Eastrax, Besthorpe, Blythborough, and various others.

Competitive prices

1-1 – £200, 2-1 – £200, and small group prices are also available. Prices do not include track entry fee. Run on open practice days usually lasting 5-6 hours depending on track opening times.