Be one of tomorrow's champions today

Carl Nunn MX Training Academy has a track record in working with students to deliver significant gains in individual performance.

The expert Academy training is delivered over several months with small groups where the focus is on higher level race skills: something that only a former National champion can teach. The training sessions are conducted on a fortnightly basis at a range of challenging tracks in the UK. The format allows riders to gain individual attention and guidance. A friendly, but competitive environment is created as riders learn from each other by sharing their expertise. The competitive nature is maintained as riders get the opportunity to put their skills to the test against each other in motos and speed tests. Monitoring tools ensure performance gaps are clearly identified. Students benefit from seeing Carl personally demonstrate the techniques he is teaching. As a former national champion Carl is the only trainer in the UK that can tell and then demonstrate the actual techniques of a champion.

National race level Academy riders benefit from on-track coaching specifically held on a private hire basis at most BYN tracks, as well as coaching and support during race events at the British Youth National Series. The National level group learn and ride together, constantly pushing one another to their limits, gaining confidence and speed. They also receive mental and physical training and race advice.

Training & Goals

Training in any sport is essential if an athlete wants to achieve their maximum. Constant goals being set to improve, time on the bike, and outside observation are needed to prevent an athlete from becoming complacent. Academy MX Training emphasises on: Riding Technique including Starts, Jumps, Flat Corners, Berm’s, Ruts and different track types including Sand, and Hard pack. This will help the rider to safely and significantly increase Speed. Riders are taught how to optimise their techniques in all aspects, including motos, sprint laps, practice laps, and gate preparation.

Tailored to you

Every rider differers slightly from others in several aspects. During the training, riders’ strengths and weaknesses are identified: it may be braking, cornering, body position, jumping or throttle control that a rider specifically needs to work on. These are incorporated into their coaching, accounting for their level of riding technique. Riding in a group means riders can pick up from others as they train, as well as personal coaching points.


At Carl Nunn MX Training Academy, nothing is more important than our riders’ safety and wellbeing. Training focuses on track safety, ensuring that every rider is 100% in control and focused.

Much more

Academy MX Training encompasses all aspects of a rider’s skills: nutrition and physical condition are taken into account, not just their technique on the bike.

All Academy riders benefit from attractive discounts on a wide range of equipment and supplies from sponsors.

Pricing & details

Carl Nunn MX Training Academy is open to eight 85cc riders and four 125cc/250cc riders who will be competing in the British Youth Nationals (BYN) or British MXy2 Championship.

The inclusive Academy package provides 23 training days throughout the 2016 season. The package includes coaching throughout every BYN race weekend, training and track entry at private hire sessions, fitness training 1 day every fortnight aswell as discount on sponsor products and 1 set of academy bike decals.  

The inclusive package is available for £1500. To secure a place in the 2016 Academy a £500 deposit is required before 17th March 2016, followed by two further instalments of £500 during the year.

Academy places are also available on a pay as you go basis. Prices are £65 per training day plus track entry fee and BYN race day coaching at £65 per day. Training at private track hire days are £89 including track entry.

The pay as you go option does not qualify for discount on sponsor products.

*Training day prices do not include track entry fee unless stated above.

Academy Structure

The Academy is structured to develop and progress riders at all levels. Riders are split into levels according to experience and capability.

  • Levels 1 and 2 = potentials and mid pack club racers
  • Levels 3 = Top 10 club and national racers
  • Level 4 & 5 = Top 5 national racers and top 10 MXY2

Individual learning plans are established during the Academy joining process. Each riders’ strengths and development areas are assessed and rated.

Throughout each Academy day using video analysis and speed assessments the riders are watched and encouraged to develop in their key focus areas.

The learning never stops!  Each Academy rider has a special private communication area where they can talk directly to Carl to progress with their plans in between Academy training days.